The way we live continues to evolve – so why are the structures designed for living so often left unchanged?

OYO is an architectural collaborative that challenges convention to reveal the true potential of space. We seek opportunities to improve the way we learn, relax, work and interact with others, and to create public places that stimulate new levels of commerce, engagement, productivity and biodiversity.

We believe Originality Yields Opportunity. This is the OYO way.

We collectively envision what the experience of a structure or area could be, aiming to create a space with a positive impact where people can thrive.

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Our 6 Key Principles

There are 6 principles that are integral to what we do. No matter the size of your project, these principles guide the way we work, the designs we produce and the vision brought to life.

1. Creative Curiosity
2. Ecosystem Thinking
3. Atmosphere Design
4. Inspiring Collectivity
5. Intense Collaboration
6. Positive Attitude

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Our studio operates as an open framework for ideas. Both the studio space and our processes have been designed to inspire shared ideation. We use continuous learning and constant curiosity as a driving force for innovation. For over a decade we have deliberately grown a multicultural team with a variety of design and consultative specialisms in the fields of architecture, urban design and interiors.

Every time we receive a project or opportunity, we employ critical thinking and open mindedness in equal measure. This approach means questioning convention and ensuring original thinking is present in our designs. We’re proud to say that our “house style” is an anti-house style.

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Designing a space means designing an ecosystem – one that balances spatial, behavioural, economic and environmental impact. When these factors operate in harmony, they create a space capable of sustaining a variety of functions. We feel accountable and believe it is our job as planners and architects to direct and curate this balance, whilst still leaving room for spontaneity and serendipity.

We consider liveability, material life-cycle, carbon footprint, biodiversity and building performance in every step we take, ensuring a long-lasting positive outcome. We believe in sustainability by design.

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Every space should have an atmosphere; a quality that leaves an impression on those who enter it. Atmosphere Design involves thinking about the layers of design details that build towards a feeling. We believe that using honest or natural materials will make a space feel comfortable.

By restoring an original design feature, we will give a building authenticity and character. Or by blurring the lines between inside and outside, we can make a structure feel at one with nature. With a deep respect for the craft, we simply want to make people happy, encouraging them to feel at ease and to enjoy a genuine experience.

Atmosphere Design ensures every space bears its soul.

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We design spaces to inspire communities. We take this approach regardless of the scale or type of project. Whether we’re designing a house, a workplace, an education facility or a whole neighbourhood, the desire to bring people together is at the heart of every environment.

This means truly understanding the lives of those who will inhabit the space and finding ways for those lives to meaningfully coexist and coalesce. We don’t just want to create aesthetic designs, but build lasting structures that foster community and provide a sense of belonging.

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Collaboration is the only way to realise a bold vision. We work on ambitious projects, which means there are always challenges to overcome and opportunities waiting to be found.

This is why, before we engage with a client or partner, we are clear that our approach will be one that involves moments of collaboration. We use hyper-focused working sessions at key points to efficiently and effectively involve the right expertise from all parties. This approach keeps us all aligned and ensures an incredible idea comes to life.

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General good vibes ensure that there’s a spontaneity to our creativity and that our thinking is never formulaic. It’s important to us that the studio creates a positive environment where people feel comfortable to propose bold ideas. It’s why we invest so much in our culture and activities that bring us together as a team.

Ultimately, OYO provides a place where it feels good to create, and this can be seen in the novel ideas and positive impact all of our projects achieve.

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