We design spaces where people can thrive.

For over a decade, OYO has been challenging convention to reveal the true potential of space. Ultimately, the spaces we aim to design are those that enable people to thrive.

Our work explores new, meaningful ways people can live and work together. In pursuit of this, we regularly break with preconceptions of what space should be. We ask what it could be. Our work is often described as surprising, innovative, robust, community-driven and highly performative.

We approach every project with a holistic view - what we call ecosystem thinking. This way of thinking ensures that there is a balance created between social, environmental and economic sustainability in our designs.

We start each project by collaborating closely with our clients, defining the project’s spatial purpose - the positive impact the space should have on those that inhabit it.

We believe the best spaces provide the setting for people to be at their best.

We are OYO.

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OYO is a Ghent and Barcelona based architectural collaborative, founded in 2011 by Nigel Jooren, Eddy Soete, Veroniek Vanhaecke, Lies Willaert and Ferran Massip.

Our studio is a 25-person strong, multidisciplinary team of designers, architects, urban planners and consultative specialists. We believe in the value of operating an open framework for ideas. We are thinkers and builders, balancing both beauty and pragmatism in what we create.

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Generous homes

We reimagine homes as well-being sanctuaries rooted in the purity and beauty of their environment. Our crafted homes prioritize well-being and simplicity, blending nature with architecture to create harmonious living spaces.

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Emphasizing craftsmanship and innovation, we aim to elevate daily life experiences. Our approach fosters connections between residents and the environment, unveiling the unique essence of each place while embracing generosity and harmonious living.

Thriving communities

We believe in the transformative power of thriving communities. Our commitment is to design spaces that encourage connections and interactions among residents, whether for work, learning, or livelihoods.

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Inclusivity and originality are core to our approach, focusing on well-being, cultural enrichment, and sustainable urban development. We aim to establish thriving communities that embrace regeneration and transformation, ushering in a new era of vitality and growth.

Regenerative industry

In the realm of industry, we embark on a regenerative journey. Our passion lies in creating industrial ecosystems that function as a living part of the environment, not separate from it.


We prioritize sustainable energy, waste reduction, and ecological balance to drive innovation and positively impact climate goals. Our focus spans energy hubs, waste-to-source initiatives, and creating sustainable, productive, and harmonious industrial landscapes.

Good vibes make good projects.

Job openings

OYO is always looking for talented and motivated people to strengthen our design team.
If you are interested to work in a small but ambitious office environment, please send your CV and portfolio (max 10Mb) to


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Agristo HQ offices
FRAME Large Office of the Year
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