Farah Lieten Wintercircus Aandeelhouderspresentatie 135

A home for the new generation of wellbeing makers

OYO and Zware Jongens join forces to kiss awake this 'sleeping beauty' into a contemporary tech icon. The magic of the Wintercircus is the opportunity for innovation, inspired by the spontaneous interactions and cross-pollination between entrepreneurs, researchers, students, digital creatives and the general public.

  • Client: TENT (Together for Entrepreneurship, Networking and Technology)
  • Location: Gent, Belgium
  • Category: Community, Work landscapes, Experience landscapes
  • Program: Technology temple
  • Status: Under construction
  • Collaborators: Zware Jongens (concept & design)
22 05 2024 wintercircus campus interieur 0022

In an initial renovation phase, the essence of the building is restored and its original robust structure is emphasised. Our challenge is to add new elements that not only respect the existing but also contrast with it, creating a distinction between the old and the new.

22 05 2024 wintercircus campus interieur 0221
22 05 2024 wintercircus campus interieur 0262
Today, circular architecture and design strategy is no longer a choice but a necessity. Projects like the Wintercircus represent the opportunities to reveal the different layers of history and reinforce the 'circular economy' in the city.
Wintercircus office 02 entrance
Farah Lieten Wintercircus Aandeelhouderspresentatie 66
Farah Lieten Wintercircus Aandeelhouderspresentatie 72

Through the process of urban mining, we recover valuable resources and materials from various urban sources, including electronic waste, construction and demolition debris, and end-of-life products.

Wintercircus werf c Karen Van der Biest 54

Through a no-nonsense approach, our 'eclectic' design represents a fusion of contemporary elements with traditional elements. The building an sich is a fusion of a circus with a garage. This design introduces a sequel to the story.

Wintercircus reception min 01

Working with views on the circus atrium

You can now apply for a spot!
Farah Lieten Wintercircus Aandeelhouderspresentatie 16
Farah Lieten Wintercircus Aandeelhouderspresentatie 25
We believe in timeless design made with respect for context and tradition.

The project not only revitalises a historic building, but celebrates the dynamic interaction between the past and the present, where architectural heritage and contemporary design are harmoniously woven together. The Wintercircus brings different experiences under one roof with diverse occupants, visitors, programme etc, where each component works together like a well-oiled machine.

Farah Lieten Wintercircus Aandeelhouderspresentatie 95

Renders: OYO
Pictures and videos: Karen Van der Biest, Farah Lieten,

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