Circular Hub

  • Client: Bionerga NV,ECOO, GRL
  • Location: Beringen, Belgium
  • Category: Productive landscapes
  • Program: Waste to energy and raw materials facilities
  • Status: Completed / Under construction
Biostoom Beringen
circular hub Beringen diagram

The Circular Hub is an industrial site in Beringen that gathers several waste management and recycling facilities in one waste to energy and raw materials circular system.

Among those are the Biosteam Beringen plant of Bionerga NV, the GRL Glass Recycling & Logistics plant, the Optimo Biosort Beringen plant of Bionerga NV, the ECOO Foil plant and the Bionerga and Limburg.net administration and workplace center.

Biostoom Berningen plan 01
implantation of projects on Beringen site

Biosteam Beringen

Biostoom Beringen diagram 03

The Beringen bio steam plant generates energy by incinerating 200,000 tons of non-hazardous and non-recyclable waste per year. The result of incineration is thermal energy that can be supplied to the immediate environment in the form of steam or hot water. The remaining available energy is converted to electricity.

Household residual waste and similar commercial waste is delivered by truck and incinerated at about 1000°C.
Combustion creates thermal energy. This can be supplied in the form of steam or hot water to nearby businesses or converted into electricity.

The flue gases from the biosteam plant go through several purification steps before being emitted into the atmosphere.

The purified flue gases are finally emitted into the atmosphere through a chimney. Measuring instruments are placed in the chimney to permanently measure the quality of the flue gases and test them against the legal emission standards.

recording of 12-day non-stop sliding formwork at Biostoom _ video by: buildevolution.be

GRL Glass Recycling

GRL process

GRL transports and recycles waste glass into clean shards, which can be used as a new raw material. This process ensures that glass can be used over and over again, which means that fewer raw materials have to be extracted. The use of shards to make new glass is also much more energy efficient than the use of raw materials.

Optimo Sorting Plant

OPTIMO process

The Biosort Beringen is a sorting plant, which sorts 5 different household waste fractions by colour of the waste bag, without damaging the bags. The waste bags are collected by the intermunicipal company Limburg.net in one and the same garbage truck.

optimo sorting process _ video by: buildevolution.be

Ecoo Foil Plant

ECOO FOIL process

In the foil plant household residual plastics are turned into new raw material. By using existing plastics in a smarter way in gardens and public spaces, this raw material is given a meaningful place in the world again, a sustainable product that can be recycled again and again.

foil sorting process

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