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Simple complexity

The SoLi House starts from a transformation of an existing semi-attached house from the 1960s, characterized by a classic Flemish context with 2 floors, and pitched roofs.

The design process focused on addressing the context and optimizing the use of three free facades maximizing the relation with the dunes.

  • Client: Private
  • Location: Oostduinkerke, Belgium
  • Category: Home
  • Program: Private residence
  • Status: Completed
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The decision of a split-level principle plays a key role, with bedrooms situated 1m below ground level for intimacy, while the kitchen/dining area is at ground level, connecting to the garden.
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The living area is elevated 2m for privacy, offering beautiful views of the dunes. The open space under the sloping roof unifies all living spaces.

Maximized Open Space

Technical elements are consolidated in a functional strip along the shared wall. A green cabinet wall integrates the kitchen, living storage, and toilet. The staircase, oversized and multifunctional, becomes a central element for socializing.

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The house is built with a timber frame, providing a quick and sustainable construction. Completion from demolition to interior handover took roughly ten months. Natural materials and finishes define the character, inspired by beach cabins.

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Common-Sense Sustainability

Design principles prioritize common-sense sustainable strategies, including window shutters for natural ventilation, a garden-side canopy for shade, a green roof for thermal mass, and strategic placement of rooms to benefit from rising warm air. A geothermal heat pump with passive cooling and ventilation system D complements these efforts.

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Pictures: Karen Van der Biest

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