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Open learning centre

Our proposal to transform a former heritage brewery into secondary school includes clever use of the existing potentially rich space.

  • Client: vzw Ignatius scholen in Beweging
  • Location: Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Belgium
  • Category: Community, Experience landscapes
  • Program: Transformation of brewery to secondary school
  • Status: Design proposal
  • Building area: 12.348 m²
  • Collaborators: Bogdan & Van Broeck, Urban Platform, Democo, Groep Van Roey
De Va Egied 1
site plan with school functions
De Va Egied 2

The school is designed in a way that it can be (partially) used by third parties after school hours, at weekends or during holiday periods. A school is essentially the ideal accommodation for various facilities in the neighbourhood. As a publicly accessible open learning centre, it can serve as a social place for meeting and interaction.

20201215 conceptschemes miso copy Page 1
making optimal use of existing building
20201215 conceptschemes miso copy Page 2
completing the empty corner with a compact and inviting building
20201215 conceptschemes miso copy Page 3
creating a pavilion for the entrance and sports hall on -1
20201215 conceptschemes miso copy Page 4
providing logical circulation according to the school's needs

We created an internal atrium that was already present in the structure itself to bring all educational functions together. The stairs that connect the different floors via this atrium are designed as meeting elements, seating stairs and tribune stairs.

The open project spaces mediate between classroom and atrium. Together with the atrium, they form the real heart of the school. Group work is encouraged, while individual concentration areas are also provided.

Project rooms
De Va Egied 3

Level -1 is used to accommodate the voluminous sports hall. The usually anonymous blind box of the sports hall is accessible for the neighbourhood, stimulating multipurpose use.

De Va Egied 4

The green playgrounds were designed as entryways between the street and the interior of the school. The patio is conceived as one large seating area with steps that descend from street level to the Orangery and sports hall.

De Va Egied 5

An active sports deck on top of the sports hall is reserved for sports and play. The rooftop play area further accommodates various sports, seating and panorama facilities. In total, the school will provide a diversified range of high-quality outdoor spaces, each with its own orientation, scale and use.

Tuin Gradins
Garden slope leading towards main entrance

Ground-level playgrounds can be used for a wide range of purposes, while floor-level playgrounds provide a view to the surroundings for sports and games.

Speelplaats dak
Roof playground
Nigel Jooren, Soetkin Goddaert, Miguel Sousa, Joost Robignon, Kasia Sleboda

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