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CAW Community centre

We designed a proposal for the community centre with crisis and refugee residences in the Muide neighbourhood in Ghent.

  • Client: CAW Oost-Vlaanderen
  • Location: Ghent, Belgium
  • Category: Community, Livelihoods, Experience landscapes
  • Program: Community centre with crisis and refugee residences
  • Status: Design proposal
  • Building are: 3.047 m²
  • Collaborators: Grasland, Mouton, Cenergie
Schematics OYO CAW 1 01
Adjacent to the square of the Manchesterstraat, the project is integrated
Schematics OYO CAW 2 01
A dynamic plinth linked to various outdoor spaces, each with their own atmosphere
Schematics OYO CAW 3 01
Context-related volumes on top of the plinth units for crisis and refuge reception have a private outdoor space on each level
Schematics OYO CAW 4 01
The housing units for the homeless have a less enclosed character and function (partly) independently, looking out over the vegetable garden.
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The distribution of the crisis accommodation and the refugee houses is horizontal: each type of accommodation has its own floor and its own outdoor area. Central to the various volumes is the circulation. This is linked to the vertical circulation and provides a safe passage from entrance to unit.

01 04

The multifunctional zone is the most public function in the programme and is therefore strategically positioned so that it is both part of the CAW and can function independently for the neighbourhood.

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Nigel Jooren, Joost Robignon, Kasia Sleboda, Enric Bultó, Andoni Echebarria, Maaike Cauwels

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