Electrabel site

We see the Electrabel site as a unique opportunity to help shape the further development and urban renewal of the city of Aalst. Embracing the link with its rich industrial past, the concept focuses on reactivating the site by accommodating new functions. In this way, the Electrabel site offers space for a new development where people want to live, stay and experience the character of Aalst.

  • Client: Odebrecht
  • Location: Aalst, Belgium
  • Category: Living, Urban Design
  • Program: Mixed-use development project
  • Status: Design proposal
  • Building area: 5.654m²
Od Br2
Od Br3

The triangular relationship between the landscape, the urban elements and the composition of different materials from the context, provide an appropriate balance in the overall master plan. For both residents and visitors the project aspires to become an interesting meeting place close to the city centre of Aalst.

Od Br5
Od Br4
Nigel Jooren, Joost Robignon, Miguel Sousa, Daniel Poleac, Tom Uyttendaele, Amir Malakouti, Ahmed Fetahu

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