Cam 05 final

Learning and living in a green district

  • Client: City of Brussels
  • Location: Brussels, Belgium
  • Category: Community, Livelihoods, Experience landscapes
  • Program: Mixed-use project for a secondary school and a nursery in combination with residences.
  • Status: Design proposal
  • Building area: 19.174 m²
  • Collaborators: Adept, Urban Platform, Metabolic, Util

An exciting new mixed-use development project, where we aim to create a vibrant and sustainable city district that integrates residential and educational spaces with the industrial context and connects strongly to the natural environment.

Our vision is to provide a unique living and learning experience that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for the residents and students by blurring the boundaries between the buildings and the park, creating a community in symbiosis with the nature.

Sustainability masterplan2 sml
2021 facade scheme final ks 1

The new school complex aims to be a dynamic learning and playing landscape that integrates with its context. The design features two distinct schools positioned at either end of the site, connected by a shared plinth that activates the elongated ground level. The plinth is partially lowered to create access to a green landscape extension of the park that functions as a playground for the schools.

NOHB section diagram 2021106 ks 01
Concept section

An open pavilion containing the school's cafeteria is positioned within this green oasis, providing a view of the playground and direct connection to the school's living spaces. The green character of the landscape is further integrated into the architecture, with a wooden finishing facing the green space and a brick finishing facing the urban character.

Cam 04 final
20211010 diagrams school jor 01
new program + outdoor spaces / underground programming
20211010 diagrams school jor 02
two schools = two identities / connection green park to school
20211010 diagrams school jor 03 mod
common spaces as connectors / sustainable facade construction in terms of orientation
Cam 03 final

The result is a school complex that acts as an extension of the park, with focus on interaction with nature.

A dynamic learning environment.

Total 3 D axos
Diagram modular structure

The building is designed as a flexible super grid as to minimize construction material waste and increase material lifespan, reducing footprint.

This intelligent grid allows modules and elements to be easily reused and modified to enable future transformations, as well as reduce waste through design and prefabrication.

Additionally, construction material transport to the site is also considered; with the delivery of the modular structure via water through the canal, reducing emissions and motorized traffic on the roads.

Cam 06 final
Nigel Jooren, Jorge Camacho, Joost Robignon, Kasia Sleboda, Daniel Poleac

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