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House Pibo

This family house is the result of a close collaboration between client and architect. OYO was given carte blanche, which opened the possibility to focus on an ecological and compact building from the start.

  • Client: Private
  • Location: Maldegem, Belgium
  • Category: Home
  • Program: Private residence
  • Status: Completed
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20201030 12018 Pi Bo Maldegem storyshemes03 01
defining site context
20201030 12018 Pi Bo Maldegem storyshemes03 02
exploring max volume
20201030 12018 Pi Bo Maldegem storyshemes03 03
introducing split floors
20201030 12018 Pi Bo Maldegem storyshemes03 04
adjusting roof to connect with surrounding nature
20201030 12018 Pi Bo Maldegem storyshemes03 05
providing entrance hall and natural daylight
20201030 12018 Pi Bo Maldegem storyshemes03 06
final design

The house is defined by the continuation of the soil, creating one lifted green roof.

12018 Pi Bo picture16

Two popping volumes create an exception on the green surface. One defines the entrance, the other one brings light into the dining room.

Cool in summer, warm in winter

Positioning the bedrooms half a floor below not only keeps them cool in summer but also connects all the living spaces visually by the split-level floors that are created.

Schematics OYO Pi Bo1
Section showing the split levels
12018 Pi Bo picture3

The use of wood and warm materials was an inspired decision to create a Scandinavian-like interior ambiance. The balance of light and material use like stone, wood and white surfaces are the defining elements that bring everything together.

Through the seasons there are different plants flowering on top.

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White surface website cropped2
12018 Pi Bo picture12
Nigel Jooren, Eddy Soete, Lies Willaert, Pieterjan Vanmaele

Pictures by cafeine

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