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Study on implementing schools in heritage buildings

Feasibility studies for implementation of 3 schools in the KTA Lindenlei and Casinoplein sites

  • Client: Go!School onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap
  • Location: Ghent, Belgium
  • Category: Client consultancy
  • Program: 3 schools
  • Status: Masterplan + feasibility study
  • Building area: 8.439 m²
  • Collaboration: Arch & Teco
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GO! Scholengroep Gent is investigating the potential of several sites in Ghent to (re)house certain courses:
The MoBi school of technical education, the DKO Academy of Music, Drama and Dance and the MUDA secondary school for music and dance.

We carried out a series of masterplans and feasibility studies of the KTA Lindenlei and Casinoplein sites in Ghent in function of housing the 3 schools.


For both sites we analyzed the urban development context, the heritage values, the existing condition of the site and the buildings, did program analysis and financial scenarios.

The concrete space requirements for the 3 schools to be accommodated were analyzed, both in terms of m² eligible for subsidies and in terms of the specific classroom requirements of the different schools. This led to different scenarios in terms of program, seeking combinations to bring two or more of the above-mentioned schools together on the site.

During this exercise, the potential for double use of certain spaces was also considered. For each combination of program, a number of spatial models were tested in a scenario study.

The different variants were compared using a trade-off matrix to identify a preferred model for each program scenario.

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